the music and video industries, Brian’s passion for 
music, film and television have led him to develop a 
wide range of skills to meet the various demands of 
productions large or small.  

Long before McBride Productions was ever created, 
its founder Brian McBride began developing an intense 
passion for music, film, video, and other creative arts.  
Born and raised in Rupert, Idaho, Brian commenced his 
formal musical training with years of piano and drum 
lessons.  His love for music sparked heavy involvement in 
middle and high school marching bands, concert groups, 
pep clubs, jazz bands, and other groups.  During this 
time, Brian also developed and pursued various interests 
in photography, film, and videography. 

In 1987, Brian traveled to the Los Angeles area to 
broaden his experience in film and video production.  
Out of a nation-wide pool of applicants, he was accepted 
as a Freshman into the University of Southern California's 
Cinema School.  While there, he gained insight from many talented professionals within the industry.  In addition to participation on student film projects, Brian worked for USC’s Humanities Audio/Visual Center, gaining skills in photography, video editing, videography, and dark room photo developing. 

In 1988, Brian moved to South Korea where he devoted two years of volunteer missionary service to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  While serving, he gained valuable leadership experience, bi-lingual communication skills, and developed personal core values.  After returning to America, Brian’s                                                               
A Little Bit Of History...
sports, promotions, features, and long-form documentaries.  He also learned many valuable television technical skills ranging from coordinating live shots & satellite feeds to internet editing & encoding.  KSL Television also provided opportunities to write and perform musical scores for documentaries and various local television programming projects.  

        Brian has mastered and released nine compact discs featuring original musical scores written for television programs.  He received an Emmy Award for the documentary original music score titled “The History of Yellowstone  - The Discovery”.  Brian also received an Emmy Award nomination for the original music score in the second documentary installment titled  "The History of Yellowstone - Dudes and Sagebrushers".  In the documentary video editing category, he also received Emmy Award nominations for "Jerusalem - Prelude to Gloria", "Four Families, Four Faiths", as well as an Emmy Award for video editng the feature report "Piano Prodigy" and another Emmy Award in 2017 for editing the documentary "A Place to Call Home".  Brian has received other national and local awards for both video editing and music composition including:  five National Telly Awards, a National R.T.N.D.A. Award, and Utah S.P.J. 

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McBride Productions was founded in 1997 to provide an affordable outlet for creative video, audio, and music production services.  Many artists using their creativity need a place to get quality services for their budding projects without breaking the bank.  With over 28 years of award-winning professional experience in 
passion for the creative arts turned to television.  He entered Brigham Young University’s television production program and received extensive hands-on experience.  Daily student-produced newscasts provided training in directing, lighting, stage managing, audio mixing, chyron, studio camera operation, videography, editing, and technical directing.  In addition, Brian worked at KBYU Television as a chief editor, and later as a chief photographer. 

In 1993, after completing a Bachelor's degree in television broadcast production, Brian joined the news team as a videographer/editor at the NBC affiliate KSL-TV in Salt Lake City.  He gained years of valuable professional experience in many areas such as video editing, original music scoring, studio production, and news photography.  Working in a fast-paced Top 40-news market taught him the importance of timeliness, attention to details, speed, accuracy, and quality.  Brian polished his skills on both linear and non-linear video editing systems, mastering many different styles of editing including:  short-form daily news,
& U.B.A. Awards.  Over the years, Brian's work has been showcased many times throughout the television broadcasting arena nationwide and in over 20 countries around the world.  If you have a project in mind and would like to get more information about our services at McBride Productions, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone for a free consultation.