The Emmy Award-winning "History of Yellowstone" series continues with this feature-length television documentary that takes a journey back into the early history of camping, hotels, rangers, and transportation 

we discover how the automobile's arrival transformed the park from a playground of the rich into a camping wonderland for the masses.  Yellowstone's rich history is revived through musical themes of adventure, elegance, invention, and serenity.  In 2007, this musical score received a nomination for the prestigious Emmy Awards, and was recognized as a 2007 National Telly Awards winner.
throughout the park.  We learn of the "Dudes" and "Sagebrushers" that have found comfort and solace within Yellowstone Park for over a century.  Furthermore, 

This television documentary's original musical score highlights the history behind Yellowstone Park's discovery.  Themes of  mystery, romance, exploration, tranquility, and grandeur are weaved into the music, 
drawing listeners close to Yellowstone's splendor.  From simple melodies to full orchestral soundscapes, this music will paint in listeners' minds scenes of
beauty, as well as natures power, taking you back in time to the discovery of the most active geyser basin in the world. This musical score won the prestigious Emmy Award for best music in September 2005, and was also recognized as a 2005 National Telly Awards winner.

This compelling documentary revisits the Willie and Martin handcart pioneer companies' tragedies as they pressed toward the Salt Lake valley in 1856.  Over 200 men, women, and children suffered a slow and painful death from exhaustion, starvation, and exposure along the frozen pioneer trial.  Through recorded journal and diary entries, we explore their greatest obstacles, learn of their determined resolve, and discover how their faith
in God pulled them through monumental trials.   The music brings to life the intense emotion and heartache felt by these handcart pioneers as they endured immense challenges along the trail.  This original score features swelling orchestral melodies adapted from traditional pioneer handcart songs and Christian/Latter-day Saint hymns.

 This National Telly Award-recognized original musical score for the television documentary "Echoes From Ft. Laramie" features orchestrated tracks that bring to life the emotions felt by soldiers, Indians, pioneers, and heroes of the mid 19th century who passed throught this Wyoming-based fort as they settled the West.  The music draws listeners into the storyline 
with its moving melodies, explosive battle chants, and majestic military marches.  Subtle instrumental themes seek to convey the joy, heartache, tension, and pure adventure felt by those whose lives were touched at this isolated outpost in the American West.

The musical selections on this CD come from a collaborative video project sponsored by the renowned Primary Childrens' Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.   This compelling 15 minute Telly Award-winning video entitled: "The Child - First and Always" 
informs prospective patients and their families about their excellent health care facilities and services.  The soundtrack features music that calms the fears and eases the worries of those needing specialized care.   These compositions seek to convey a gentle sensitivity, as well as bring encouragement to individuals who may be overwhelmed with unexpected medical challenges. Flowing strings, soft pianos, and other instruments provide the backdrop for these melodies.

This music compilation known as "Steep Thrills" was created for the award-winning ski and snowboarding television weekly program "Ski Utah" (KSL-5 Television, Salt Lake City).  Each week, the "Steep Thrills" segment highlighted expert skiers and snowboarders tearing up the world-famous terrain on some of Utah's most rugged snow-capped slopes.
Energized by driving rhythms and explosive percussions, this music provides the intense energy needed to strengthen the dramatic images captured on video.  "Steep Thrills" music was recognized as a National Telly Award finalist.


This award-winning television documentary commemorates the 150th anniversary of the California Gold Rush.  Musical selections featured in this presentation help to revive the feelings of anticipation and excitement experienced by thousands of ambitious gold-seekers.  The dusty trail out West echoed promises of
riches beyond one's wildest dreams, but for many, their hopes of prosperity quickly turned into despair. Through moving musical themes, one can envision gold-hungry prospectors strumming their banjos as they creep along the dusty trail, or discouraged miners finding solace in the harmonica's tune as they gaze into the campfire's flames.  In 2000, this original musical score was recognized as a National Telly Awards finalist.

This musical score features inspiring music written for the historical television documentary "Journey of Faith".  Based upon actual journal and diary entries, this compelling story of the 19th Century westward trek brings to life the struggles and
triumphs experienced by pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormons.)  Weaved throughout the music are subtle underlying themes from early Christian/Latter-day Saint hymns and Western folk songs.  The swelling orchestrations in this musical score carry with it a warm familiarity that only heightens the intensity of this incredible pioneer story.  This "Journey of Faith" music was recognized as a National Telly Awards finalist.

McBride Productions has mastered and released nine compact discs featuring original musical scores written for Emmy award-winning television documentaries, corporate video projects, and local TV sports programs.  These projects were broadcast in the Salt Lake City television market as well as various markets throughout the United States.  Below, we have showcased each music recording project.  We have also provided a brief video editing history of TV documentaries and special projects completed by McBride Productions' founder Brian McBride. 
Enjoy The Gallery....
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"The Washington D.C. Temple - A Sacred Monument"
A look at the magnificent Washington D.C. Temple as it re-opens after extensive renovations.

"Someone At The Other End"
An in-depth look at the work being done in Utah for Afghan refugees; a collective effort giving hope and healing to those who are new here.

"Onward Ever Onward - A New Era In Missionary Work"
Examining the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on missionary efforts throughout the world.

"For I Had Seen A Vision - 200 Years Later"
A commemoration of the "First Vision" of the prophet Joseph Smith preceding the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.

"Book of Mormon Videos"
We take you behind the scenes in the creation of the new comprehensive video library from the Book of Mormon.

"Aid Amidst The Storm"
A glimpse into the many kind acts of service given to those hit by disasters in recent months.

"An Artists Legacy"
Meet LDS composers and artists who organize and gather in New York
City to host the first of its kind Mormon Arts Festival.

"Members In Many Lands"
A look at LDS church members living in countries throughout the world as they  diligently serve the people in their local communities. 

"Birthplace Of American Freedom"
Return with us to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as we examine the founding fathers' vision of religious freedom for all Americans.

"A Place To Call Home"
See the challenges facing refugees and find out how Utahns are reaching out to help immigrants successfully assimilate into society.

"Four Families Four Faiths"
A look into the religious lives of faithful families within the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths who now call Utah their home.

"This Corner Of The Kingdom"
Experience the beauty of the newly-dedicated 129th temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Draper, Utah.

"President Thomas S. Monson - A Life Of Service"
A glimpse into the accomplished life of the current President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"The Choir Comes Home"
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir makes a grand return to the newly renovated historical structure on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Welfare - The Gift Of Hope"
An in-depth look into the worldwide welfare program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Joseph Smith - A Legacy Of 200 Years"
A bi-centennial commemoration of the birth of the prophet Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Saints On The Silver Screen - The Sequel"
A look into the emergence of LDS films into the mainstream motion picture industry.

"The Tabernacle Choir - An American Experience"
Follow the renowned Tabernacle Choir as they embark on a musical tour throughout North America.

"Return To Sacred Ground"
A glimpse into original & restored historical sites and their significance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"When The World Came Here"
Witness the enormous community volunteer effort that helped make the  2002 Olympic WInter Games in Salt Lake City a huge success.

"Sea Trek - Sea Voyage Of The Saints"
Experience the beauty and majesty of a modern tall ship fleet as they re-trace the path of the pioneers who emigrated from Europe.

"Arnold Friberg - An Artist's Legacy"
Paintings of "The 10 Commandments", "Prayer at Valley Forge", "The Light of Christ", and others are explored from the artist's perspective. 

"Jerusalem - Prelude To Gloria"
Revisit the Holy Land as renowned composer Lex de Azevedo performs a visual & musical feast and puts it to video with host James Earl Jones.

"We'll Make The Air With Music Ring"
Join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as they embark on a musical tour through various European cities.

"The Mormon Trail Wagon Train"
Modern day travelers follow the early pioneers' footsteps as they  celebrate the 150th anniversary of the great trek to the Salt Lake valley.

"Olympic Quest - Chasing The Dreams"
In anticipation of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta, KSL Television highlights various athletes with ties to Utah.

"Howard W. Hunter - A Devoted Disciple"
A memorial look back at the accomplished life of the 14th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Face To Face With Ross Perot"
Veteran KSL anchorman Dick Nourse sits down in a one-on-one conversation with Texas billionaire and presidential hopeful Ross Perot.

In this final chapter of the Emmy Award-winning “History of Yellowstone” video series, the feature-length documentary examines wildlife and its evolution in Yellowstone National Park.  We follow the bears, wolves, and buffalo, highlighting their contributions to the ecosystem, as well as their attraction to millions of worldwide park visitors for over a century.  We also explore the unique geysers, thermal activity, and geology of Yellowstone's enormous living  
and breathing caldera.  Weaved throughout this CD are familiar musical themes from the project series, as well as new flavors of mystery, wonder, and grandeur that heighten the rich historical storyline.  Listeners will be drawn into the intrigue and splendor that has attracted millions to this remarkable area.  Experience “The History of Yellowstone – A Realm Untamed”.
Setting the stage in Salt Lake City's beautiful Abravanel Hall, Paul used a multi-camera setup to capture the magic of his "Celebrating Life" concert.  Paul Cardall, along with a variety of guest artists and musicians, entertained a sold out crowd, putting on an evening of heartwarming and uplifting entertainment.  

This concert video project's goal focuses on increasing public awareness of congenital heart disease, and encouraging charitable contributions to this worthy cause.  For additional information, visit:
Brian McBride collaborated with award winning musician Paul Cardall on a full-length music concert video editing project.  Just months after undergoing a miraculous heart transplant surgery, Paul performed publicly for the first time.
Teaming up with McBride Productions, Reese records vocals in the studio and then heads to the shores of the Great Salt Lake to shoot a cover song music video featuring Christina Perri's "Jar Of Hearts".  Using the ocean-like backdrop of this

unique lake setting, Reese captures the solitude and heartfelt emotion found in this song's message. The music video was shot entirely on location at Antelope Island State Park, Utah.

     McBride Productions recently completed a multi-location video shoot to capture beautiful high definition scenics for a large video wall project for a client in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Scenic video clip selections from this project were joined with an Emmy Award winning original music score from the documentary "The History of Yellowstone - The Discovery".
Paul Cardall's "Celebrating Life" concert video is now available as a 2-disc set in conjunction with his "New Life" album release.