Add movement, sound, music,  
High quality video productions begin with capturing compelling, story-telling images through professional quality videography and photography.  Attention to lighting, exposure, depth of field, shadows, color temperature, and other details add to the creation of powerful pictures that can tell your story.  Whether videotaping footage for sporting events, shooting images for a priceless wedding video, or still pictures for a video memorial, skilled individuals with an eye for detail are a must. 

Over the years, McBride Productions’ founder, Brian McBride, has gained valuable experience in video camera operation:  Ikagami studio cameras, JVC HD cameras, Sony Betacam & SX field cameras, HDV, DVC Pro, ¾” format, M-II, Mini-DV, and film as well.  We can shoot in a variety of video formats suited for your specific needs, and we can cover an entire project, or videotape a single event such as a
seminar, athletic competition, graduation, interview, or special family event.  And as technology dealing with video compression and delivery continues to improve, opportunities to incorporate video into your business and personal projects will continue to increase.  Freelance videography and news photography are also available.
At McBride Productions, we take great pride in capturing special memories through visual storytelling with video.  Do you wish to preserve your special wedding day, your baby’s first years through a baby book video collage, a special anniversary montage for your spouse, or a commemorative life video biography/memorial for your family?  We can capture your priceless memories and turn them into a visual feast that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.  Our goal is to try to re-create the feelings and emotions that accompanied your special events, so you can re-experience that excitement from those special days and events.  Whether your projects are large or small, choosing professionalism that delivers quality is the key, and you’ll find it here.

Dear Brian McBride at McBride Productions,

To this day, if we hear any one of our 
songs, it instantaneously takes our minds to 
the moments you captured and composed of 
our wedding day.  Marriage takes work, love, 
and a bit of shoulder grease.  It is so 
wonderful to have such a clear piece of 
history that we may relive at any given 
moment; to take us back to one of the most 
pivotal transitions of our lives.  We are 
reminded of the glorious love that began our 
wonderful little family.  Thank you Brian, we will forever be grateful for the work of art you created out of our own special day.  As the years have passed, there is no amount of money that we would accept to lose this jewel of our DVD collection.

                                              Michael & Crystal 
Wedding Videography Testimonials
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effects, and some TLC and, 
 A picture is worth a thousand words...   
well.......   you get the idea....
        Teaming up with McBride Productions, Reese records vocals in the studio and then heads to the shores of the Great Salt Lake to shoot a cover song music video featuring Christina Perri's "Jar Of Hearts".  Using the ocean-like backdrop of this unique lake setting, 
Reese captures the solitude and heartfelt emotion 
found in this song's message. The music 
video was shot entirely on location at Antelope 
Island State Park, Utah, and was produced
& directed by Brian McBride.

New High Def Scenics Music Video Produced by McBride Productions
Dear Brian McBride,

Thank you again for making that DVD for us of our wedding!  We were watching it tonight and it is so great and so awesome to be able to go back and experience it, and the movie is so well done!  Thank you so much, it is wonderful!

Kihara & Danny
Locally Produced Music Video by McBride Productions
       McBride Productions recently completed a multi-location video shoot to capture beautiful high definition scenics for a large video wall project for a client in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Scenic video clip selections from this project were joined with an Emmy Award winning original music score from the documentary "The History of Yellowstone - The Discovery".